Skin Brushing for a Beautiful Body after 50

Still Doing It After 50?

Ooh la la!  What could this be I wonder?  Is this too much information?  Of course not my lovely readers.  I am, of course, referring to the practice of ‘Body Brushing’.  This is something I have executed on a regular basis before showering, since my late teens.  Apart from the odd blip, this has been part of my regular routine almost like brushing my teeth.  Whilst there is no one, single way of maintaining a youthful, healthy and cellulite free body, I believe that regular skin brushing is a worthy contributor to a youthful body at any age, alongside other measures.

What is Skin Brushing?

Simple.  It is, basically, brushing your skin.  Using a body brush, carefully but firmly brush your whole dry body before showering.

How to Body Brush for a Youthful Body


Always brush towards your heart and start at the bottom.  I begin by brushing the sole of my foot and working my way up the leg using firm overlapping strokes.  Then I do the other foot and leg. You can include some additional circular movements around your thighs and buttocks to really stimulate those areas.  Use clockwise circular strokes on your stomach then brush up your back.  This is when a brush with a handle is the more desirable option (unless you are a contortionist). Try Neal’s Yard Back Brush which can be used all over your body.   I give my hands a good brush, top and bottom then work up my arms, again towards the heart. I then sweep down my neck.


Take it easy and be kind to your body. The pressure you use depends on which part of the body you are working on.  Some areas such as breasts will only need a light whisper of a stroke or to be missed altogether, but go harder on legs, bum and arms if you can.  Your tolerance will increase with regular use.


Once you have finished, step into the shower as usual, perhaps using Neal’s Yard rejuvenating and toning Frankincense & Mandarin Shower Cream, then dry and apply a lovely body cream.  Find a natural product, preferably organic without harmful toxins and chemicals.  The body brushing procedure assists with the elimination of toxins from your body, so it doesn’t make any sense to apply more.  Neal’s Yard Remedies do some lovely ones including a Detox Toning Oil and a cellulite busting Firming Body Cream to refine and smooth the silhouette.  A richer, creamier option to stimulate collagen and combat aging would be the Toning Body Cream which is just divine with its toning frankincense essential oil.


Nourish your body inside and out with the best organic ingredients


Body brushing is not a cure all and works best with plenty of hydration, fresh produce and some kind of movement (something bordering on exercise whatever form fits best with you). My body is far from perfect, don’t get me started, however cellulite has never been a major problem for me and now, at over fifty, it is still minimal and does not cause me any great concern.   Additionally, my skin always feels soft and smooth.  For this reason alone, my dry body brush totally deserves its place in my small, space limited bathroom cabinet.

I would like to refer you to an article which you may find informative as it looks honestly at the pros and cons of dry body brushing.

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