Who Am I?

Japanese Gardens, Wroclaw, 2018

Japanese Gardens, Wroclaw, 2018

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream
— C. S. Lewis

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The Imperfect Perfectionist

That's me!

Hello, welcome and thank you for visiting me here at my new place!

I am Teresa Sochacka Renton.  Currently living in Harrogate, I am Mum to a son, 13, and a daughter, 22 who is about to fly the nest, and happily married to my husband Neil.  Since turning fifty, I have decided it is time to offer my musings on how I go about navigating this second phase.  The rehearsal is over and I can procrastinate no longer, so I would like to share with you what has worked for me so far.  

Adopting an optimistic mindset towards a positive midlife, I have been reinventing myself, decluttering, and embracing slow living from a mindfulness perspective. I have been working on myself, my confidence, creativity, learning new skills, decluttering, and embracing a cosy and personal kind of minimalism. A social introvert by nature, I love connecting with likeminded people to exchange tips on being your best self at any age.

My interest in optimal health, beauty and style, along with streamlining my life, is something that is a work in progress.  I will endeavour to convey all this to you through my interest as a writer, photographer and advocate of compassionate living.

My key approaches to maintaining youth are encapsulated in 'grace', 'embrace' and 'compassion'.  Take what life throws at you with grace and choose to learn and grow from it; blaming others only harbours bitterness (and gives you wrinkles). 

Embrace the good and the bad, work with what you have and if possible, use it to your advantage.  We cannot avoid the inevitable, so let's be prepared - whether that is a cheeky pot of hair dye or a ‘go for it’ beautiful silver enhancing hair rinse.  Compassion is the game changer.  Cultivate care for yourself, your way. Demonstrate care for others, for animals and for the wonderful planet we inhabit.  We have all entered this world and have been subjected to its many challenges and curveballs; let's learn to manage the plot of our own story before tinkering with the apostrophes of someone else's.

I invite you to be visible, vibrant and most of all, your best and most sassy self, with yours truly,


Lady Chicpea 

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